Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inner Peace

How would you know if you found inner peace?
Would you be happy, still, in love with everything and everyone around you?

Most of us don't know what that would look like, feel like, have no sense of it at all. And sadly, have never experienced inner peace.

How do you find it, do you have to have a map? Do you have to sit and stare at a wall for hours/days? Maybe even travel to an Ashram and be in silence for days.

Ask yourself "what would my life be like if I lived within this experience?"

Make a start right now and put everything down and just pay attention. What can you hear, what are you looking at? What are you physically feeling? Breathe.

The first step is to be present, the next step is to be present, and the next step is to be present....and the next....Get the idea.

Living in the moment is all there is. Make sure you make the most of your time here and become present and at peace.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21st: Today is Peace Day

Today is Peace Day and one of my core values is my desire for Peace. I am constantly working towards achieving that internal state, so that I may fully connect to myself. From that place, I am fully able to connect to life around me. One of the ways I do this is a mindful practice. It can be just for a minute or two when I become fully present to what I am experiencing.

How often do you become still enough to connect to you?

Yesterday, while I was swimming, I became fully aware of the water gliding over my skin and, as I did, I noticed how the water offered me support. All resistance dissipated and I became one with the water! As I think of it now, I can experience the effortlessness of my swim and the feel the water running over me like silk.

Do you remember the last time you stopped and enjoyed being in the moment and re-live the experience now?

So today, please take a quiet moment and join the world and focus on the word Peace.

May blessings of Peace come into your life daily.


"Stop the World I want to get off!"

Well, now you can, just for the day...

Share in the unique experience that "Clearing Your Path to Personal Peace" gives you. This day-long retreat takes place in the beautiful house and grounds of Woodford House,
in the heart of Blackrock, Co. Dublin. This is a day designed exclusively for you, to completely switch off and clear unwanted thoughts, emotions or beliefs that may be preventing you from being at Peace. You will feel restored, relaxed and rejuvenated.

This retreat is limited to a very small group, to ensure that you will have the best opportunity to completely unwind. For more information, see here or call me on 087 2193343.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spending time with friends.

Last week I was lucky to catch a glorious day in Devon with my friend Ann. To prove how lovely it was here is a picture of the River Otter as it comes meet the sea.
To spend time with a friend and in such beautiful surroundings is very special.
As we walked, chatted and took in the scenery we were able to relax and unwind comfortable in our friendship.
I wonder as you read this if you are thinking how wonderful! So let me ask you, how often do you make the time to appreciate the company of good friends or stop and see nature in all it's glory?
So why not make a commitment now to share some time with a friend or to enjoy natures glory. It will re-charge the batteries of life, relax you and bring you into the joy of the present moment.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Golden Showers

What a treat we are experiencing this month. We are being showered in golden sunlight in Ireland.

As I was walking today I came across a Cherry tree weighed down with beautiful pale pink blossom that was gently falling like snowflakes or confetti. I went to stand under the tree to experience the falling of the blossom. There was a noise like the distant buzzing of large propeller plane so I looked into the branches and to my delight saw about 50 bumble bees collecting the pollen. I was so thankful to see they had survived the coldest winter we have had here in 47 years.

So what can we do to build our resilience this month. Lets take a leaf out of the bees book and GET ACTIVE!

- Start walking: Stretch your body before and after your walk.
- Practice Mindfulness while you are walking. Notice how your feet plant themselves with each step.
- Stop and focus for 2 minutes on a tree or flower. What do you see?

Mindfulness and exercise are proven to contribute to your Brain's growth, isn't it worth taking care of! And, did you know that your Brain keeps growing until the day you die?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amit Goswami - The Quantum Activist

This is Amit Goswami. He is a world-renowned theoretical nuclear physicist interested in the relationship between science and religion. He became best known as one of the interviewed scientists featured in the 2004 film "What the Bleep Do We Know!?", and stars in the newly released documentary "The Quantum Activist".

I had the great, mind-expanding, pleasure of hearing him speak and of spending an entire day with Amit in his workshop on Quantum Activism, when he came to Ireland recently.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Treating Combat Stress using Energy Psychology Techniques

Combat Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects many men and women in armed and civilian forces around the world today.

In summer 2008 I was asked to participate in a unique event in Colombia, Georgia, USA, when a selected team of Energy Psychology professional practitioners, using a technique called TAT, facilitated a two-week workshop for serving and veteran members of the US armed forces.

Below are a number of stories about that experience, and their follow-up one year later; the stories of Special Forces Staff Sergeant Brian Davis (Rtd), Master Sergeant (E8) Mario Cirinise and Special Forces Colonel Biff Hadden (Rtd), with professional assessment of the results by my colleague, Harold McRae.

Energy Psychology techniques incorporate a number of different protocols, such as TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The final video shows how EFT has been used with combat veterans in VA hospitals in the USA, and the remarkeable results that have been achieved.